Microsite Strategies


Driving more traffic to your website or microsite is an important component of the TMS system. The microsite concept allows your target audience of clients, prospects, and centers of influence to focus on one product or service without needing to sort through a multitude of other Web screens.

TMS has several pieces built into each “area of specialization” library. These communications help email recipients go directly to your microsite to learn more about the specific products or services you offer. In addition, email recipients will have an opportunity to immediately connect with you because your contact information is highly visible on the microsite.

Directing your email recipients to one or more of your microsites throughout the year allows visitors to view content that is specifically designed for them. And, it also highlights your areas of expertise.

The challenge of every company that has a website or microsite is to develop a plan that creates more interest and drives more traffic there. The TMS system helps you do that in a proactive way. You systematically reach out to clients with several email campaigns that include valuable information to direct more traffic to your site.

TMS is the perfect tool to send email communications that can help to increase microsite hits.